About us

Thorsten Musch
We are ECObrush

The idea of ECObrush has its roots in the year 2018. We – that’s Thorsten Musch and Dr. Michael Weiss – asked ourselves whether there is a possibility to reduce the consumption of plastic around the world. As we both work in the field of dentistry, the issue of single-use plastic toothbrushes caught our eye. Everybody knows them and most of us have already used them at some point. That’s why we intensively looked at the issue of plastic use and we quickly noticed that things need to change – especially in the field of single-use products. How can a product that is only used once be made from a material so resilient to degrading? With our idea, we want to make the change happen. We know we can’t save the world with ECObrush, but we can contribute to a change every single day by reducing plastic waste and doing even more. When we undertook the quest of finding the best matching product for our idea and testing those rigorously of course, we noticed that our toothbrush can be used more than just once. Due to its high quality, our toothbrush can be used multiple times. This is not only great for our teeth, but also great for our environment.

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